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Momentum K9 Puppy Training in Boise, ID

Puppy training will help your dog develop skills such as loose leash walking, obedience, traveling in vehicles, and crate training.

Our Puppy Head Start Program is a 2-3 week program. $850 per week, for puppies that have completed their puppy vaccinations. The age limit for puppy head start program is 9 months.  $1700 minimum $850 per additional week

Do I Need Puppy Training?

Puppies are very impressionable during the early stages of their lives. It is critical that a proper foundation is laid during initial training and when the puppy forms it’s first impressions of the world around it. Providing the structure and guidance a puppy needs makes living with your dog a much better experience and can prevent many headaches and potential issues down the road. Families and individuals who participate in puppy training set the stage to enjoy a harmonious life with their dog.

What Will My Pup Learn?

Puppy training will help your dog develop skills such as loose leash walking, obedience, traveling in vehicles, and crate training. It will also address behavioral concerns such as potty training, biting, and chewing. Puppy training is imperative for proper socialization and neutrality towards exciting environments and stimuli such as other dogs, people, traffic, and loud noises. Proper socialization and neutrality helps puppies prone to nervousness and anxiety develop confidence and trust you as their handler.


Behavioral Issues That We Correct

✓ Chewing
✓ Jumping
✓ Digging
✓ Nipping
✓ Barking
✓ Bolting
✓ Whining issues


Our Puppy Training Process.

2-Week Board and Train Program:

The biggest benefit of immersion training is that your puppy will get hundreds of training repetitions that will cultivate a solid knowledge base. The puppy board and train program includes initiation of crate training, potty training, and introduction to the communication system used by Momentum K9. Puppies will also start to learn 2-3 obedience commands (i.e. sit, down, recall) and loose leash walking during the two week period. You will get a 1-hour long in-home lesson after completing the immersion program to ensure that your puppy is transitioning well at home, and that you are equipped to properly carry on the training. Board and train clients receive a 20% discount on future training lessons if desired.

In-home Puppy School:

Owners will receive coaching and training on the communication system used by Momentum K9. Lessons will cover initiation of basic obedience, potty training, and how to maintain their home environment for the best outcomes for owner and dog. In-home lessons are set in 1-hour blocks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to maintain consistency of training. The total number of lessons will be individualized to the needs of each client and based on their goals for their puppy. Boise’s Best Puppy Trainers!

Momentum K9 understands that the best way to start a puppy is to provide a stable, enriching, and safe environment. We strive to provide the consistency and structure required to best help a puppy learn. With the board and train program, your puppy lives and stays in our trainer’s home and is treated as a loved member of our own family. Our in-home puppy school allows us to tailor training to your specific needs and lifestyle. We understand how much you love and want the best for your puppy, because we feel the same way! Momentum K9 stands behind our training methods that focus on creating an optimal relationship between you and your dog.

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